Sammen med University og Bristol og Technical University of Denmark, arrangerer vi et heldagsseminar om:

High Performance Computing 12 Juni i Forskningsparken i Oslo.
I store linjer er dette et seminar om hvordan vi leier ut kapasitet kraft tilsvarende en super computer i cloud, og hvordan forskningsmiljøer bruker disse innen AI, Maskinlæring og VR for å ha virtuelle forskningslaber fra fysikk til kjemi og biologi.
Temaet for dagen den 12 juni er:
“In Virtualis” – Intelligent Tools for Research & Discovery with Oracle High Performance Cloud


Summary and who should attend this seminar:

The arrival of High Performance Cloud Computing is providing serious opportunities to fundamentally transform and accelerate data intensive research and development that requires the computational power of a super computer, but for a considerably lower cost, with “on-demand” availability and ease of use.

We have already been using and continuously improving computer technologies to create precise and functionally rich tools in many areas of science and technology – as in gene sequencing, in studying molecular interactions and structures in biochemistry, in nanotechnologies, in engineering construction, in earth and space studies, in artificial
intelligence and machine learning, in various simulations and more.

The next logical step is to extend “In Vivo” and “In Vitro” approaches to create “In Virtualis” experimentation by putting together complete virtual labs and cyber tools using modern computing technologies in all areas of science and technology.

Join us for a symposium where leading UK academics, Danish academics, the Oracle Cloud development team and other teams illustrate and demonstrate activities and projects where High Performance Cloud Computing is accelerating research and discovery today in areas like computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, bio-simulation, drug discovery,
medical research, particle physics, astrophysics, education, engineering, construction and more.

Join us to see how researchers have been able to use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Gamification and Virtual Reality supported by High Performance Cloud Computing, to gain new insight into structures and dynamics of molecular systems and nano-technology. Hear how the same techniques can also be used to create Virtual Engineering and Construction Sites, Virtual Educational Platforms, Virtual Smart Cities, Virtual Physics and Space Studies like in the case of black hole simulations used to create and study gravitational waves.

Join us at the symposium also with an ambition to establish the term and the practice of “In Virtualis” – the brave new world of research and development in virtual labs with cyber-tools that complement and accelerate In Vitro and In Vivo experimentation and development.

The seminar is free but places are limited. Secure your seat today!