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​Teradici is the creator of the VDI protocol, PCoIP ® – or “PC-over-IP.” With a strong network of partners, Teradici delivers *the* leading desktop virtualization platform. Very simply, PCoIP allows a user’s desktop operating system, applications and data to sit in the datacenter, eliminating the need for traditional desktop workstations and PCs. For IT managers, PCoIP zero clients and VMware View software clients greatly simplify management and implementation of PC networks, providing cost savings and the ultimate security solution. And for the end user, PCoIP provides a rich experience plus the added benefit of being able to access their data and applications anywhere and from any device.
Teradici has a growing ecosystem of partners, providing a wide variety of PCoIP products including server plug-in cards, rack and tower workstations, blade PCs, zero clients, integrated monitors and IP phones with PCoIP capability. And very recently, Teradici introduced the APEX 2800 Server Offload Card, the first card on the market for VMware View deployments that ensures a consistent end user experience. The APEX card is compatible with all PCoIP zero clients and VMware View software clients.
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Thor Egil Stangenes
Business Unit Director
+47 982 50 917