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VCE Solutions

​VCE er en divisjon under EMC og er markedsledende i verden på konvergert infrastruktur konvergerte løsninger.

VCE accelerates the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models that reduce IT costs while improving time to market. VCE delivers the industry's only fully integrated and virtualized cloud infrastructure systems, allowing customers to focus on business innovation instead of integrating, validating, and managing IT infrastructure.

Why VCE?
At VCE, simplicity is the core driver behind everything they do. Their mission is to break down the silos in the data center – reversing the status quo of static and inflexible pools of resources.

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With the VCE portfolio of Blocks, Racks, and Appliances, IT leaders have the flexibility to:
  • Reduce costs
  • Deliver New Services
  • Shift Resources from Maintaining Infrastructure to Delivering Innovative Business Value
  • Modernize and Transform Data Center Environments
  • Meet the Evolving and Dynamic Demands of Today's Tech-Savvy Mobile Workforce
Since introducing the industry’s first true converged infrastructure system in 2009, VCE has helped more than 1,000 customers transform their IT environments to become more agile, reliable, and cost-effective.





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Business Development Manager
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Inside Sales
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